Friday, July 15, 2005

I am back from Dallas, one tired cowgirl, but I bring with me joy and complete amazement over what happened while I was with the wonderful women of EWomenNetwork. I arrived ready to go through the walk through for our big night. There was a group of young women who were to receive recognition first, followed by the grant recipients and I kept wondering why no one else was worrying about their speech and why my name was never called....It took 2 hours of that before I asked and the response was, "you are a different grant winner, the recipient of our corporate grant and you will go last and you are the only one to speak."

After dressing in my Dallas glitter, I came back to wait in the green room. Everyone was so nice and I started the usual pre-speech jitters, getting up leaving the room, totally rewriting and finally abandoning the written speech, all the time chatting as always and wondering why the people who were directing me kept trying to keep me in the green room when I still had so long to go. Finally after over 2 hours it was my turn, I would be the last to receive my grant and speak before the keynote speaker. I proceed on stage wondering why they didn't play the King 5 piece, the room was full of women, all in tears over the introduction given by the founder of this organization, Sandra. A room full of clapping, tearful women, a thousand strong is a force in itself and I launched into my typical Lynette talk about how I am blessed with a family, business and foundation----photos of the angel babies appear on the screen and we are off into tearful yet joyful thoughts of the beginning of this project. Nearing completion I hear a soft whisper of my name and quickly wrap up thinking I am out of time and now I will receive the grant, and the surprises that all the grant winners received---- $500 gift card from Office depot and Microsoft software....but no, the founder comes on the explain that I am the first winner of the "Humanitarian of the Year Award" and that there is someone special to speak and present the award, I turn around to the smiling and composed face of Alice Adams, mother of Josiah....

Needless to say, I am a crying mess at all this and stand being hugged while Alice beautifully tells of our meeting in Josiah's hospital room at Children's Hospital......Suddenly I realize that Alice is alone on stage, Could Henry and Dave be here too? Of course the Network brought them along to wow the crowd of women as only Henry and his dad can.....It was one amazing sprakling night and I am telling you that after that event I have never been hugged so much or so tenderly as I was by the attendees. I am proud, yet humbled as I stood among such amazing grant winners and realize that once again the angel babies give me grace and guidance like I have never experianced in my life.

I am off to see what is happening at our new headquarters in Ballard, Doug and crew continuing to delight me with the progress, this week aided by the hard work of my lovely niece Tina who came from Sequim to help.

I want to thank those who have so generously sent checks, we so need the support and I thank you from all of us who are working hard to make this a most honorable foundation. Again, please realize that even a small gift is grand in our eyes.

With love and amazement, Lynette